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26 Sep

Naruto Shippuden Episode 281  With the revelation that the Point Break Vigilantes are in fact the Ku Klux Klan?s younger, dumber brother, run by a bunch of illiterate rednecks and headed by ex-Sheriff Dearborne and his mistress ? Bon Temps? least appropriately named woman, comes the end of the threat to the local supes. And with it, very nearly the end of Hoyt. Naruto Shippuden Episode 281 It?s been said before, but it?s well worth saying again ? that boy just cannot catch a break.

Things have gotten just a teensy bit tense in the -verse. Everybody Wants to Rule the World sees armed-to-the-teeth stand offs Naruto Shippuden Episode 281 at Merlotte?s, a makeshift KKK causing supe-havoc and the beginnings of Civil War. And Bon Temps used to be such a nice town?

Naruto Shippuden Episode 281 Anyhoo, with the busting of the gang ? thanks in no small part to Sam and Luna ? comes the reveal that the PBVs may well have had a point. Batshit crazy as the vigilantes are, vamps are in fact trying to take over the world, but it?s far more sinister than the rednecks are Naruto Shippuden Episode 281 capable of imagining. Taking over schools and churches couldn?t be further from the New Authority ? in the form of Salome?s ? mind. No, humans can keep their schools and churches, but they absolutely cannot keep their blood. As Salma Hayek?s vamp in From Dusk til Dawn once said: welcome to slavery.

The attempted enslavement of the human race ? outlandish as that may seem ? is edging ever closer, particularly now that Naruto Shippuden Episode 281 Bill has succumbed to Lilith fever. His acid-induced religious crisis leaves him as the most obvious candidate to follow in Russell?s footsteps on the road to batshitville ? which isn?t necessarily a bad thing. Naruto Shippuden Episode 281 Russell has been sorely lacking in the trademark insanity that makes him so watchable, so we could most definitely use some good old fashioned fang crazy.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 281 There?s also of course, the problem that Bill doesn?t really have anything going on when he?s not attached to Sookie, so at least the Lilith fever will give him something to do. However, given that Salome has been plotting to take over the Authority for a little while now ? a couple of thousand years, isn?t it? ? caution should really be Bill?s word of the day, because he?s way out of his depth right now.

Lucky then, that as soon as he?s free, Eric will most likely put him out of his misery. The ex-Sheriff isn?t really known for his forgiving nature, and with Bill?s official betrayal, Eric officially has permission to rip his frickin? head off. And given that Eric is allegedly among the ?chosen?, chances are he? Naruto Shippuden Episode 281 ll be around long enough to plan Bill?s agonising death. And once he?s done with Bill, he can scoot on over Naruto Shippuden Episode 281 to Fangtasia to take care of the Diet Goth currently occupying his throne. Pam?s not the only one who?s got a problem with another vamp taking Eric?s place?

Naruto Shippuden Episode 281 Who is the leader of the the Anti-Supes Hate Group terrorizing Bon Temps? And is Bill really the traitor he appears to be Hey guys, it?s Nick Roman here, filling in for the very talented Joe Tranchina. I?ve long been a fan of and I?m thrilled to finally get an opportunity to cover it. Now let?s plunge our fangs in? Case in point, tonight?s episode, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.?

This has arguably been the show?s strongest year, narratively, since season two, in which Maryann the Maenad turned the entire populace of Bon Temps into mindless, hedonistic sex addicts. That season had a focused, streamlined narrative in which each of the separate plot threads of the Naruto Shippuden Episode 281 season came together into one seamless fabric. Season five is following a similar trajectory, and the show is perhaps better than it?s ever been now that “Who?s Sookie sleeping with this season?? has taken a back seat to more pressing matters, such as “Who killed Sookie?s parents?? and “What?s with Bill?s sudden heel turn?? And hey, Lafayette is back! Sure, he?s always been around, but the Lafayette of the past two weeks is a lot closer to the man everyone fell in love with in the first two seasons, and less of the “constant victim of supernatural forces? that he?s been these past two seasons. is at its best when it?s embracing its inherent pulp nature and forcing its characters to come face-to-face with the outlandish dangers of their circumstances.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 281 Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) isn?t completely buying into Bill?s sudden conversion to the Sanguinista movement, given that he?s the biggest proponent of mainstreaming Eric has ever met. He ensts Bill (Stephen Moyer) with the task of procuring a sample of Salome?s blood in order to access an exit to Authority HQ. This is Eric?s only chance to keep his promise to his maker, Godric, to keep Nora (Lucy Griffiths) safe. Eric seems entirely new to this whole hero business, but it fits him like a glove. Also fitting like a glove, Bill?s sudden turn towards villainy, as he betrays Eric just as he?s about to escape with Nora, turning him over to the justice of Salome. The world of vampires has gone to ruin ever since the Sanguinistas, Naruto Shippuden Episode 281 on Bill?s suggestion, bombed the largest Blood manufacturer in the world, forcing vampires to turn back to feeding on humans.

The Blood crisis is front and center at Fangtasia, where Tara (Rutina Wesley) tries to horde the remaining stock to preserve sanity, while Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) orders her to keep serving the synthetic blood to keep the clientele from feeding on humans. Pam?s shrewdness is all for naught, however, when the new Sanguinista-appointed sheriff of Area 5 enters the bar and declares open season on humans. It?s a disquieting scene, nearly as unsettling as Bill?s Naruto Shippuden Episode 281 roll-in-the-hay with Salome, in which he hallucinates bedding cSookie and feeding on her, before seeing the image of Sookie transform into Lilith. Bill gets the blood sample from Salome


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26 Sep

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